(A) Management of Zones ( Zonal body)

1. One Zonal President
2. Two zonal Vice- President
3. One Zonal Genl. Secretary
4. Five Zonal Joint Secretaries
5. Five Zonal Asstt. Genl. Secretaries
6. One Zonal Secretary Finance

(B) Management of Divisional Branch ( Dvnl. Body)

1. Divisional President
2. One Dvnl. Vice-President
3. One Dvnl. Secretary
4. Two Joint Dvnl. Secretaries
5. Three Astt. Dvnl. Secretaries
6. One Dvnl. Secy. Finance
7. Five Committee Members

(C) Management of Production Units/Projects/Plants

1. One Unit President
2. Two Unit Vice President
3. One Unit Genl. Secretary
4. Two Asstt. Genl. Secy.
5. One Unit Secy. Finance
6. Five Unit Members