History of AIRASA

Indian Railways are the biggest job provider in India and the entire railway employees are categorized in four Groups out of which large number of employees comes under Group- C & D. Railways are utilizing such enormous human resources in its activities for providing transportation services to the nation. Therefore, it obviously comes the question of providing all essential and necessary privileges i.e. from rational wages or salary to working hours & environment etc. etc. in accordance with the Trade Unions rules & regulations of national and international to ensure all the above privileges recognized railway union / federations exists in railways. Though these federation meant for all categories for railway staff of Group- C & D but unconsciously when the problems /demands of accounts men abnegated by the recognized federations and the discontent in the cadre fumigating in the mind of all accounts staff thereafter it form a voice against the prolong injustice to the cadre just implemented the V CPC’s pay scale for all railway men leaving the accounts staff. Consequent upon ALL INDIA RAILWAY ACCOUNTS STAFF ASSOCIATION (AIRASA) is established to raise the voice upto the appropriate level for justice from their own dais independently and the slogan ‘UNITY FOR DIGNITY’ aired everywhere.

Let's have a glimpse before III CPC – the status or railway accounts staff was superior than other executives, then in VI CPC it was at par and thereafter in V CPC accounts staff have been downgraded in comparison to other in spite of having better knowledge in railway rules & financial expertise’s. During that period accounts staff were wandering and could not able to create any intervening means through which the voice of railway accounts could be placed at appropriate level. Such a hostile situation some courageous, energetic and dynamic accounts staff from Southern, Western and Northern zones came forward and their stewardship formed the ALL INDIA RAILWAY ACCOUNTS STAFF ASSOCIATION (AIRASA) sometime in January 1998 at Matunga Hall in Mumbai during the session of Inter Railway Reconciliation Meeting. Thereafter full constitutional body formed in terms of AIRASA norms to execute AIRASA. All members & accounts men salute them.

At present accounts staff of Indian railways is not lagged to express their voice at right place because confidence grown among the staff through AIRASA by encircling brotherhood relation. Thus AIRASA is the virtue of Railway Accounts Staff’s integrity, dignity, industries and modesty. Bagging all these, AIRASA have to stride towards the self-sufficiency for achieving their goals.